5 Best Organic SoundCloud Promotion Services 2022


When you’re a musician, the internet is your number one platform for promotion. This has been true for years, but with SoundCloud’s growth in recent years, it’s become even more important than ever. If you’re new to SoundCloud and don’t know where to start, then these five best organic soundcloud promotion ways will help get your music notice by fans and potential buyers alike:

SoundCloud Plays & SoundCloud Followers

The most common type of promotion on SoundCloud is the play, which will show up in the “recent” section of your profile. You can also buy plays from other artists as well.

The second most common type of promotion on SoundCloud is follower growth (followers). This will show up in the “latest” section of your profile and serves as an indicator that someone likes or shares your music. If you want more people to hear about what you’re doing, this is one way to do it!

Both plays and followers are cost-effective ways to get more attention for yourself on the platform—they’ve been proven to work just as well at driving traffic back towards your channel as paid advertisements do.

organic soundcloud promotion
organic soundcloud promotion

SoundCloud Comments

SoundCloud comments are a great way to get exposure and build your following. They can help you get more plays, likes, followers, reposts, and new music.

SoundCloud Promotion Services will write comments on the tracks of their clients’ songs so that they can be hear by the viewers of that track’s page. The service provider writes custom-made comments for each client’s song according to what they want their audience to hear about them or their brand/product/service etc… The service provider sends these comments via the SoundCloud post sync tool which automatically creates an annotation in order for it gets posted on the artist’s profile page as soon as possible after uploading your track onto the SoundCloud platform itself

Promotion and Marketing

Marketing and Promotion are two different things. Basically, It is the act of getting your music in front of new ears, whereas marketing is the act of getting people to pay attention to your music.

Now let’s talk about what you should do with that money: If you want people to listen more often and become fans, then promoting your music on SoundCloud is important! But if all you want is sales numbers (and maybe even some free downloads), then marketing could be more important than promotion.

SoundCloud Playlist Placement

Playlist placement is the most effective way to promote your music. It’s a great way to get your music in front of new listeners, and it can also help you reach out to fans who haven’t yet heard your song.

Playlists are a great place for artists who have an establish following on SoundCloud. Because they provide an opportunity for listeners who aren’t necessarily familiar with your name or genre but may be interest in what else you have available on the platform. Not only does this make playlist placement easier than other types of promotion (because it’s less likely that someone will see something from an unknown artist), but it also gives them more options when deciding which songs they want to hear from those artists down the road—and there’s no question that these services offer just about everything required at its core: discovery tools like hashtags and keywords; analytics tracking so companies know exactly how many views each post receives; social sharing options including Facebook posts as well as Twitter retweets/likes/etc., etc., etc.,

SoundCloud Reposts & Likes

The best way to get more exposure on SoundCloud is by reposting and liking other artists’ tracks. This can be done through the “Repost/Like” feature, which allows you to easily republish an existing track or like a new one from another user.

If you want your music heard by a larger audience, then this method is perfect for you. You’ll be able to reach even more listeners with only one click!

organic soundcloud promotion
organic soundcloud promotion

All of these artists use the same 5 promotion methods.

All of these artists use the same 5 promotion methods. The five promotion methods are:

  • SoundCloud Plays & SoundCloud Followers,
  • Best Promotion and Marketing,
  • Playlist Placement (which is the most recommended),
  • Reposts & Likes


SoundCloud Plays, SoundCloud Followers and SoundCloud Comments are the three main ways artists can promote their music on SoundCloud. They’re also the most popular methods of promotion because they offer potential listeners access to new music from their favorite artists as well as being a great way to build your fanbase.

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