A complete guide to Jaisalmer camping


A man in colourful pagdis (turban) pyjamas and a woman in traditional ghagra choli hold hands in namaste. Yes, you are welcome to this heaven called Jaisalmer. You can have a very different experience when it comes to the Rajasthan desert. Here’s a complete guide to experiencing Jaisalmer camping at its best.

Jaisalmer is located in the westernmost part of Rajasthan, in the heart of the vast Thar Desert. The desert is also one of the connecting points to the tourist cities of Jodhpur and Bikaner. Most of them come here to camp in Jaisalmer during the summer season, but the best time to visit is in late winter, January and February, to watch the big desert festival. I can.

For nature lovers Nature Adventure Camp Kanakapura is the best place to be, as it includes beautiful nature senary. 

Camp facility

There are many different experiences to choose from when camping in the Rajasthan desert.Notorious campground around Sam Dunes. We have fully equipped tents and an itinerary that will show you the desert in all its glory. Then, further afield, there are quirky camps that showcase raw, authentic Jaisalmer.

The former is almost recommended, as are the other methods, as safety and travel experience are guaranteed. We recommend the latter experience. A simple bed in the middle of the desert, no canvas to block the view of the night sky.

Points to note when looking for a campsite

It’s still important to research the camp you plan to stay at. Travelling offers a great deal of personal safety, even if we act as intermediaries.

Camps in the area include Damodra Desert Camp

The Serai and Prince Desert Camp. A decent location tailored to your taste and crowd choice makes the experience worthwhile. Either way, Maharaja’s sand dunes will surely exceed your expectations.

Onboard activities when planning at Jaisalmer Camp include jeep drives, dune bashing, camel safaris, campfires, desert sports and stargazing.

Almost all camel safaris offer options that match your preferred route. Accommodation options such as Camel Ride, Sunset Watching, Dinner Under the Stars and Sunrise Return are highly recommended.

Aside from that, there are also other options that allow you to return from your ride on the same day or continue riding for up to 30 days.Ticking the latter will prepare you for pain and an unforgettable experience. This is very common. A long camel ride without breaks can be a bit uncomfortable for the inexperienced.

Prices also vary depending on options. The longer the journey, the more preparation is required. All of this is a little more expensive than his normal 1-2 day camel ride. Most packages will not exceed 2000 rupees for a full day camel safari package. There are many other adventure activities to enjoy such as quad biking, ziplining, body zorbing, horseback riding and archery.

Do not miss it!

Don’t miss the cultural program that takes place during the campfire. This completes the entire Jaisalmer camping experience. Local men and women in traditional Rajasthani costumes dance to well-known folk music. They welcome you to their land and sing along to the lines of Padaro Mare Desch. And the groove to the song is never neglected either.

Colours and a campfire all add to the mood. Afterwards, you can cap off the night with a full-fledged meal while gazing at the endless stars twinkling overhead.

What can you experience at Jaisalmer Desert Camp?

Desert camps in Rajasthan offer a wide range of experiences. Some focus on the state’s cultural nuances, while others showcase the best of the dry desert. Enjoy adrenaline-pumping activities and historic pit stops during your safari. Here is a short list of things to do on a desert safari in Jaisalmer. Experience a dune sunset and sunrise

Everyone has experienced the sunrise or sunset over the sea or mountains. But sitting on these dunes and watching the sun move across the horizon provides a very different sensation. I loved catching it.

Jaisalmer camel safari

Camels have long been a lifeline for people travelling through the desert. In the days of the Silk Road, they carried huge loads across the dunes, and today they are mainly used for tourist purposes.

Jaisalmer has 2 different camels on his safari. There are short tours that give tourists a taste of the desert, and longer tours that actually take them to remote desert villages. The short ones are pure entertainment and can be omitted if desired, especially at tourist camps. But a long camel safari in Jaisalmer takes you beyond the touristy desert camps to a real desert camp. You really need a camel here.

Ethical Concerns About Camel Safaris in Jaisalmer

 If you want an authentic experience far from the touristy areas of Thar, a camel ride is unavoidable. There are several travel companies that describe ethical camel safaris. The best way to know if you are riding an ethical ride is to see what a camel looks like. Camels are not suitable for riding if they have scratches or cuts. Claim another animal.

Camel safari in Jaisalmer is an important part of the locals’ lives. But it is up to us, the travellers, to strike a balance between supporting the local tour operator and treating animals ethically. Ask the right questions, have a keen eye, and make the calls.

 Hit the dunes on a jeep safari from Jaisalmer

The height as the jeep zips through the dunes like a roller coaster is pretty addictive. As the speeding Jeep turns over the soft sand, you feel an exhilarating loss of control until the driver deftly puts you on track.

Parasailing at a desert camp in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer dune bashing or camel safari is gentle, if you want more adrenaline rush try parasailing or paramotor in the desert. Nothing beats the thrill of combining speed, height, and a hawk’s-eye view of the entire Thar Desert.

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