This Annapurna trekking camp starts from Pokhara, and this seems to be the one which is fit for all the people who visit here. You need to have a week to complete trekking here as well as enjoy the beauty of this place. This is a moderate to difficult trek since it is having very abrupt regions as well as some high elevation. 

But most of the route seems to be good and you might not be facing such a difficulty. This particular camp is located in some parts of Nepal as well and it is advised to visit here during the two main weather conditions or seasons. 

Best time to visit

You can visit here during the October and November months as during this time the climate will be so withered and so cozy. This will make you feel very comfortable. Pokhara is the nearest place to the bus station and thus it will be easier to reach Pokhara. Do not forget to ensure their flexibility and the whole trip as well.

You will be thinking of places to stay before and after your trekking, right? Pokhara is the best place for you to stay. This particular place has a lot of cafes, restaurants, shops, centers for massage, etc. 

If you are a person who is not comfortable with their language, then you can seek the help of a guide as well but if you are deciding to continue without the help of a guide then it is okay. 

The Nearby places

This is a place which connects different villages and you can communicate with them easily. It will be in a way cheaper as well you will get accompanied by other travelers who are also visiting this particular place. You must have one thing on your mind which is the distance you have to cover each day; you need to be prepared for that as well. If you are seeking the help of a guide, you should ensure your safety as well as the guide’s English communication skills.

Best time to Visit

April and May are also preferable times for visiting here. This is a time that seems to be stormy, but you will be so excited to see the flowers blossom. During mid-April, there are chances of cloud showering either during the afternoon time or it will be some balmy bright day. Before undergoing a trekking journey here. 

You need to be sure of certain things which include a TIMS card and a permit from the Nepal government as well. In Kathmandu, Pokhara, etc. you will be able to get these from the tourist centers present there.

During the daytime, the temperature seems to be so pleasing. You can take a t-shirt if you are comfortable with that but during the dusky time, the temperature will be dropping, and you may need to be a bit warm. It is a very rare phenomenon that the temperature falls below 0 degrees Celsius or 10 degrees Celsius.


You can first visit Pokhara and from there you can either take a bus or a taxi or jeep which are readily available there. If you are taking a bus service, then you have to travel to Kimchi, which is 4 hours ahead. After reaching there, you can kick start your trek. If you are taking the help of a taxi or jeep. 

It might take 2 hours to reach the nearby village called Naya Pul and you can start your trekking from Naya Pul. Or you can travel to Ghandruk and from there you can start your trekking. The route seems to be so dusty and if you are willing to go by these vehicles. It will be more comfortable for you.

Way from Birethanti

At Birethanti, you need to show your permit and after reaching Chhomrong also, you will be asked to show your permit. Then you can do several activities including trekking, climbing, sightseeing, etc. here. Many of the houses are there as paying guests to stay and they will give you breakfast, dinner, etc. 

The cost will be so cheap and hot water will be available there. You need to take a lot of water with you because you need to get yourself rejuvenated. The availability of signal strength would not be much here but wi-fi settings are available at some points.

Things To Carry

You need to take medical kits, water bottles, sterilizers, comfortable clothes, sleeping bags, towels, etc. with you. Sometimes the houses you stay in would not be giving you sufficient towels. Hence you need to carry these necessary things with you. Be sure to carry reusable bottles for carrying water because plastic bottles are banned in the mountain areas.

If you are carrying these reusable bottles, you can refill these bottles in between as well. Sometimes it will be very cold there and hence if you can then please carry a sleeping bag with you. Some staycations provide blankets as well. 

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