Best 5 Light up shadow areas

1. Light up shadow areas

Light It seems obvious, but we almost always forget that the corners of our homes are often poorly lit and make the decoration less than perfect.

In general, the corners of rooms such as the living room or the bedroom can have areas with less light, something that is not normally a problem, but at certain times it can bother us.

It no longer only causes a nuisance because you have to change places because you don’t have light, but because the decoration in that part of the room will go unnoticed as if it weren’t there. Whether you have a wardrobe, photos, paintings, or a bookcase. You will have to combine different types of auxiliary lighting such as floor lamps, and table lamps and if they are very spacious, place wall or recessed ceiling lights.

Remember the advice we gave you in point three about auxiliary lights, it is better to place lamps just in case, that is not too bulky and decorate the room. Think that placing a picture light, wall sconces, or floor and table lamps can eliminate these less illuminated areas of the room.

2. Install specific points of light to read or study

What we always forget when planning lighting is these little moments of everyday life, which may only happen on the weekend or once every two weeks, they are the moments of reading, working at home, and studying.

But as we have already told you, warm light is relaxing, it usually produces tiredness and in the end, even sleep.

Haven’t you ever noticed that you fall asleep studying? It may be because of your lighting! Or because you don’t like to study too much, but let’s go back to the lamps.

A neutral or cold light helps to improve concentration, this light can be given by a reading lamp or an auxiliary table lamp. With cold light Visit Here, more powerful light is achieved so as not to strain the eyes and with a tone that activates, not relaxes.

Take a look at our desk lamps to study or read. Most allow regulating the light intensity and color temperature for moments of greater or lesser concentration.

3. Place the lamp you need, not the one that decorates the entire room

The lamps are a complement to the decoration, they are not “The decoration”, that is, you may love the decoration that a two-meter-long floor lamp gives or you have fallen in love with a ceiling lamp that you saw in a hall of the hotel. But as much as you would love to place them in your home, you have to think first about the square meters that you have available and second about the use that you are going to give to large lamps.

Remember that a single lamp in the room does not provide enough light for all times of the day. Before deciding to place an XL lamp, think about placing two or more lamps that illuminate with the necessary light and decorate.

4. Install lamps with a style that fits with the decoration

The different styles in which we classify our lamps are the following:

  • modern style lamps
  • classic style lamps
  • Retro-vintage design lamps
  • rustic lamps
  • Industrial-influenced lamps
  • design lamps

Each style of lamp fits perfectly with rooms decorated following the guidelines of each decorative style. First think about the style of the room depending on whether some colors or others predominate, then think about the materials that are more protagonist such as wood, metal, and glass finally keep in mind your own style when decorating, think that the lamp complements the decoration. A classic room with little decoration can become a modern room with two or three lamps to decorate it.

You can see our post on modern lamps for the living room to get some inspiration in some models and different possibilities with which you can decorate your living room or dining room.

10. Combine lamps from the same collection or family

This harmony is what makes a room look well-decorated or poorly decorated, it is like a little trick if you are not very clear about the lamps you want to place.

Choose lamps that combine by color or material with the other lamps in the room, in this way you will have adequate lighting, in addition to having a magazine decoration. Always remember that there are lamps that are from the same family or collection of different types of lamps; that is to say, there is a collection of ceiling lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling lamps that have the same characteristics, colors, and materials. They usually have the same name and are from the same manufacturer.

Collections of lamps to decorate and illuminate

Some easy-to-see examples could be the following lamps that belong to the same collection. You have several types of lamps to place the light in different areas but if you look closely, the structure is the same in all of them. In addition, in these cases, they have different color finishes, but they are still from the same collection, only that since they have several colors, you can choose which color best matches the decoration.

On our website Lamparas you can find collections of lamps in a very simple way. 

Surely you already knew some of our lighting tricks, but what do you think of our tips? Have they been useful to you? Feel free to comment with any questions in the comment box.

You can visit these lighting posts for bedrooms to see some more decorative lighting tricks or visit this other post about outdoor lighting since now we have mainly talked about the interior of your home.

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