Clickoot E-Commerce Delivery System in Pakistan

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The online E-commerce delivery system has huge potential and can bring an equal playing field for small businesses in Pakistan. However, the bad business practices of some big players have hindered the growth of this industry in Pakistan. These players have failed to develop a real technology-driven ecosystem. As a result, many small businesses in Pakistan are being deprived of the benefits that digital trade has to offer.

Clickoot E-Commerce Delivery System in Pakistan

The Clickoot online E-commerce delivery system in Pakistan is a new way to send packages online and has a variety of advantages. It uses a network of delivery agents and is 80% employee-owned. The remaining 20% of agents are sourced from the gig economy, which gives it flexibility and scale-up potential. The routes agents take are computer-generated and optimized for speed and efficiency. The company aims to give customers Amazon-style next-day delivery in Pakistan. Its delivery success rates are much higher than those of the incumbent logistics businesses in the country.

PostEx’s acquisition of Call Courier

PostEx is expanding its e-Eommerce operations in Pakistan through the acquisition of Call Courier. The two companies will combine their logistics and receivables factoring services. PostEx provides cash upfront to e-commerce companies, enabling them to thrive. The company’s services also help SMEs and smaller businesses grow. The acquisition will create a vertically integrated company with a total loan book of $12 million. The combined business will serve 1.3 million users and 8,000 merchants in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, cash is the preferred payment method for 90% of all e-commerce transactions. It is estimated that $6.5 billion is spent on e-commerce transactions in the country. Typically, sellers must wait until the products are delivered to get paid, which can take weeks or even months. PostEx is helping solve this problem by providing a logistics platform that lets buyers pay upfront before their orders are shipped and delivered. The company will also add technology and an online payment system to its service.

PostEx, founded in Lahore in 2019, has raised more than $8 million in seed funding and has partnered with leading investors. The company has more than 8,000 eCommerce platforms on board and 1.3 million COD deliveries each month. This makes PostEx one of the largest e-commerce companies in Pakistan and rivals TCS, Swyft, and Trax.

TCS’s domestic service

The Clickoot online E-commerce delivery system is a powerful online tool that makes it easier for retailers to deliver their goods to their customers. It provides an array of services that ensure your products arrive in pristine condition. Its domestic delivery network is made up of over 1,370 service locations, including 500 courier centers. The company is accredited by FedEx and uses a sophisticated network of couriers and air vehicles to provide delivery services. The company offers a variety of services, including express delivery, door-to-door service, and time-critical freight shipments.

Clickoot is offering its services through a partnership with PostEx, which provides logistics services to online merchants in Pakistan. The partnership will make PostEx the largest e-commerce delivery system in Pakistan, serving 1.3 million users in over 500 cities. PostEx says it plans to reach a monthly loan book of $12 million.

Clickoot’s delivery agents are made up of about 80% of the company’s employees, with the remainder drawn from the gig economy to provide flexibility and scale-up potential. These agents follow pre-calculated automated routes for maximum speed and efficiency. The company’s mission is to provide an Amazon-style next-day delivery service for online sellers. The success rates of Amazon’s deliveries in Pakistan have consistently surpassed those of local incumbents.

Leopards courier

Leopards courier is one of the leading online E-commerce delivery system services in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of eCommerce logistics solutions, including Cash on Delivery (COD) and warehousing. It delivers across the country and some international destinations. This delivery company has a large network of over 320 locations and offers a variety of eCommerce solution packages to meet the needs of various online businesses.

When a customer places an order with Leopards Courier, their order tracking information will appear in the order note on the store’s order page. The courier service offers several options for tracking your package and provides separate API details for each. With this, you can monitor the status of your packages quickly, and fix operational flaws before they become a problem.

Leopards courier offers a cash-on-delivery option, which benefits the business owner and the company. They also have great shipping monitoring services and offer a free trial period of 30 days, which you can use to see if this service meets your expectations. To get started, simply fill out a brief form, providing basic personal information, as well as the name and type of business.

Online payment methods

Pakistan’s online E-commerce delivery system is struggling due to a cash-on-delivery problem. While most consumers hand over cash when the courier shows up, it often takes two weeks for that cash to reach the e-commerce provider’s account. This slows the growth of the e-commerce provider.

Banks in Pakistan are aware of the problem and are working to provide solutions. Many have begun to offer Time Pins to customers, which are sent to them via email or text. This helps prevent debit cards from being misused online. However, most banks are not able to offer online payments through their services yet.

Considering these concerns, it is important to examine the payment options available to online shoppers in Pakistan. While these payment options are not new, they are becoming increasingly important as the e-commerce industry continues to grow. In addition to convenience, the costs of processing transactions are a huge factor for e-commerce startups.

Import restrictions

There are several import restrictions in Pakistan that must be adhered to when shipping goods to the country. The first is the need to have an import license. This must be obtained before sending anything to the country, and a license is needed for many items. Nonetheless, there are some exceptions to this rule, so it is important to check before shipping. Unsolicited gift shipments are exempt from this requirement. However, they cannot contain textiles, jewelry, watches, fountain pens, radio sets, or other items. In addition, gifts must be sent with all of the necessary documentation.

In addition to the restrictions listed above, Pakistan has its own public holidays. You can find specific dates on the government’s website. Additionally, there is a 20% withholding regime for sales tax. This is a precautionary measure against tax fraud. It applies to non-resident suppliers as well as taxpayers.

Cyber laws

In Pakistan, there are a variety of laws governing the use of information and communication technology. The first of these laws, known as the Electronic Transactions Ordinance, was passed in 2002. However, this law did not completely solve all of the issues that are related to the use of information technology. Since then, other laws have been passed to address various issues. To assist legal professionals, academicians, researchers, and the general public, a compilation of pertinent case laws has been published.

Cyber laws in Pakistan are often complex and confusing, but they can help protect consumers and businesses alike. In particular, they can prevent fraud and cyber-phishing by making it easier to detect and trace criminals. To protect consumers, cyber laws should also ensure that cyber cafes don’t serve as a place where criminals can hide and commit crimes.

Parcel Monkey

Parcel Monkey is a marketplace that lets online retailers easily find and book shipping for their products. It offers a variety of delivery system options from couriers, postal operators, and shipping agents. The platform also allows users to compare various shipping options before choosing a provider.

Parcel Monkey is available for both local and international shipping. Its international delivery system allows you to ship products worldwide, and the company offers a first-mile delivery service to 100+ cities across Pakistan. Customers can also track the status of their packages using Parcel Monkey.

Parcel Monkey is an e-business that helps e-commerce merchants send products internationally. It was founded in a bedroom in the UK in 2010 and has rapidly become a trusted cross-border delivery system. Its delivery system allows e-commerce businesses to send bulk shipments anywhere in the world.

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