Common Reasons For Mobile Cell Phone Repair

Cell phones have become a necessary part of modern-day life, playing an irreplaceable role in daily chores like communication, social media & internet surfing, taking pictures & videos, and setting up an alarm, to name a few.

So much so that most of us depend on smartphones and need them to function smoothly. But mobiles are machines, susceptible to bugs, crashes, and other damages over time. And whenever they develop any issue, we can’t help being panicked, imagining they will have to be given away for mobile cell phone repair.

But, many problems can be easily solved at home if you know what you are doing. So, we have noted some common mobile repair problems and how to overcome them!

Broken Phone Screen

Most phone users worldwide have experienced a broken phone screen at least once. The main reasons for this happening are:

  • Accidental fall
  • Sitting on the phone while it is in the back pocket.
  • Putting the phone with metal keys in the pocket.

While you may panic seeing your damaged phone, avoid wasting too much time regretting it and find a solution. Check if your manufacturer’s warranty or insurance covers your phone. Some phone brands also provide screen protection with their warranty. 

When your phone screen gets damaged, the best option is to get it repaired or replaced by a repair center, preferably at your brand’s authorized service center. This way,  you will get an original screen replacement professionally and at an affordable price.

Charging Port Issue

When your phone slowly charges or doesn’t charge at all, often the main culprit is a faulty charging port. The USB Port has a small metal connector not connecting to the charging cable properly. The reason could be:

  • Dust or debris is blocking the contact and preventing proper power supply to the phone.
  • Corrosion is caused by a wet phone or the phone in a highly humid environment.
  • Hardware damage, usually from dropping the device.

You can easily fix this issue at home if it is not hardware-related. Clean the port with a needle and soft cotton. Adjust the pin to the center or as per your charger’s pin shape.

But before trying this, use a different data cable and charger to confirm that the port is at fault. If the problem still exists, visit a nearby service center for professional cell phone repair.

Water Damage

Did you spill a liquid on your phone? Or did your phone fall in the water tub/swimming pool or in the toilet? Whatever your reason, water damage is not good and usually comes with irreversible issues to your smartphone. You can try the below tricks to see if your phone can be saved:

  • Remove your phone from the liquid and turn it off instantly.
  • Separate all the components like battery, SIM Card, SD Card, and protective case, and place them in a dry place.
  • Use a soft cloth to remove the water from these parts.
  • Try the rice or silica gel trick to bring your phone back to life. Take a bowl of rice or silica gel and place your phone in it for a couple of days.

Prevention is always better than cure. You can opt for a waterproof pouch to protect your phone from water damage when you go to the beach or pool. These pouches are also great with your phone when you are out in the rain. 

Battery Draining Fast

This is another common phone problem that users need to repair for. First, you need to understand why your phone is running out of battery fast and their fixes below:

  • Not closing background apps: Close the apps when they are not in use, including the ones running in the background.
  • Third-party app or Glitch: Reboot your device if this is the case, as it is a great solution. Then, delete the recently downloaded apps.
  • Using too many apps also sucks the battery. Delete the apps you don’t use. Also, check if a certain app is consuming too much power. Go to Settings, then About Phone, and then Battery Use. Go through the app list and how much battery they consume. Delete the ones you aren’t using anymore but are still consuming power.
  • Update your phone’s software to the latest version. You can check for new updates through Settings >> System Update. 
  • Too many notifications and ads. You can close them by going to Settings>> Manage Apps >> Notifications. Disable the notifications that are not important to you.
  • Poor charging pattern or a bad charger. Ensure you are using the original charge. Also, use the 20-80 rule while charging. This means you need to keep your phone between 20-80.

Speaking Not Working

If your phone’s speaker starts creating problems, you should first check the headphone output. Is your phone still in headphone mode? If yes, then conduct a phone rebooting. This will clear the mess caused by faulty apps.

Next, ensure the speaker settings are accurate. Check if the volume is too low. Increase the volume to see if it works.

Another thing you need to see is the “Do Not Disturb” mode. Ensure it is not enabled, as this will stop the speaker from working properly. You can check it by going to Settings and then “Do Not Disturb”.

If the above methods don’t work, you can try the factory reset as your final option to resolve this issue at home. 


Our phone is the most important thing among our possessions, considering how much we depend on it daily. Now that you know all the common reasons for a mobile cell phone repair and how to solve it at home, your life will become much easier and save time and money. But, if the problem is too serious, it’s best to head to the repair center so your precious data isn’t lost.

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