Events cleaning: how is the waste management managed?

Endless events cleaning take place in Australia every year. Concerts, festivals, fairs, congresses… Every time one of us attends one of these events, he leaves with a sensation. There are both positive and negative aspects to it. But we agree that something directly related to this feeling to satisfaction.

One of the factors that determine this satisfaction (or, failing that, dissatisfaction) is, of course, the cleanliness of the events. For example. If the Sydney fair is organized correctly but during the event, all the waste from attendees accumulates without anyone picking it up, the image of the fair may be damaged, despite being a powerful brand.

This client-brand relationship has been further strengthened with the emergence of the Internet in this type of event. Every time users have more voice and participation. They can freely comment on anything at any time, and what’s more, all other users can see it. That is why a bad experience with a service or product can ruin the reputation of a brand. Due to the great loudspeaker that social networks are.

At SCS Group Integrated Services we are aware that an event is unique and very important for our clients. Therefore, we take great care of our service to guarantee the highest quality. Thanks to our 15 years of experience, we offer cleaning services. For events of all kinds; whether public, private, large, or small.

Therefore, in this article, we delve into the three phases that SCS Group Integrated Services applies in this type of event.  They are pre-event cleaning, during-event cleaning, and post-event cleaning.

Pre-event cleaning

In large-scale events, event organizers must ensure that the location where it will take place is in perfect condition. From SCS Group Integrated Services we are responsible for cleaning the place in question before the event begins. We visit the site to find out the requirements and establish with the client the cleaning modality, number of operators, and supervision.

Planning the events cleaning prior to the event is crucial because in this way any unforeseen event or detail can be solved before the act. It is not optimal for the event attendee to arrive at the venue and find that the venue is dirty or neglected. The case of music festivals in large outdoor areas, they are a good example. Here, the cleaning of the mobile toilet cabins or the installation of litter bins is very important, since they will improve the user experience and the subsequent work of the cleaners.

Cleaning during the event

The work continues also during the celebration of the event. In this case, it is important to keep the room clean and do cleaning rounds between attendees without disturbing them. For example, in congresses and conventions, keeping corporate stands and halls clean will keep customers and the public happy. One of the fundamental requirements of an event is that “each new attendee has to find the place as clean as the first attendee to arrive found it”. This premise delves into the importance of cleanliness during the event. It is not enough to leave everything impeccable for the opening of doors, but it is essential to continue keeping the space just as clean and pleasant during the development of the entire event.

The objective of SCS Group Integrated Services an events cleaning company in Sydney is that our clients can focus on what is truly important, on their business, and on being able to enjoy the event. It is for this reason that our staff will remain at the event during its course to ensure that cleanliness and waste management are maintained.

Cleaning during the event

Typically, post-event cleanup is the most involved and labor-intensive phase. After the celebration of the event, all the machinery and personnel go into action to leave the venue as if nothing had happened.  We will remove all waste from all areas, both inside and outside the venue, and they will be ready for use the next day. This phase also has a lot of meaning in office cleaning, where the office must be left spotless for the next working day.

 What to look for in the cleaning company?

We know that doubts may arise when choosing an event cleaning company to clean large events. Therefore, we explain three key points that must be taken into account to make the best decision.

  • Seriousness: the first impression of the client will determine if he ends up contracting the service or not. If the company maintains a consistent and clear message. You will gain the trust of a client who will feel safe in their hands.
  • Career: experience is a differentiating factor, not only in this sector but in all. If the company in question has been offering its service for a long time. It means that the trust of customers during all those years has kept that company active. 
  • Quality-price: most times, the price of a product/service is the factor that makes the customer buy it or not. Therefore, in this case, it must be consistent with the service offered. A good practice is to assess the prices of several companies along with their services. In order to decide which one seems fairer for what we want to hire.

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