Five Things to Look for When Choosing a Med Spa

There are many salons and med spas serving the San Diego region, just like any other type of business. Nobody has the time or money to study all of them before settling on a certain supplier.

You want to be sure that the Med Spa you choose is the perfect one for you, whether you’re trying to glam up for a particular event or you’re searching for ongoing skin and beauty services.

Do You Prefer a Medical Spa or a Salon?

Some of the same services are provided by day spas, medical spas, and beauty salons. We also provide wedding packages, hair styling, and sunless tanning at our facilities.

However, we are also able to deliver medical-grade therapies that you cannot, or should not, obtain unless under the medical supervision of a certified aesthetician.

If you’re having difficulties picking, here’s a rundown of the services available at each type of facility.

Beauty Spas: In addition to cosmetic services such as hair and makeup, many also provide facials, waxing, and tanning. Massages, aromatherapy, and body wraps are also available. These establishments may be maintained by qualified cosmeticians, but they usually do not have advanced credentials or a medical practitioner on staff.

Medical Spas: Medical spas provide a variety of popular aesthetic procedures and may or may not have a massage therapist on staff. These facilities, however, are overseen by a competent medical practitioner or a certified medical aesthetician.

They also have access to medical-grade anti-aging products that are more powerful and long-lasting. These procedures and products require a prescription and to be administered by someone who is qualified.

Services that you can get only at a Med Spa include:

  • BOTOX®
  • Juvederm® and other dermal fillers
  • Microblading
  • Kybella®
  • Fibroblast skin tightening
  • Microdermabrasion and micro-needling
  • Chemical peels
  • Medical grade facials

Medical-grade facials are a step above typical beauty facials, which only penetrate the skin. These specialty facials address specific issues such as acne scarring and deep wrinkles by utilizing formulations and chemicals in higher concentrations than those found in over-the-counter beauty treatments.

Choosing the Best Medical Spa for You

Now that you understand why you should select a medical spa, the question is, “What should you look for in a facility?”

Begin with the five criteria listed below to improve your chances of finding the right match.

1. What is the facility’s atmosphere like?

Before deciding on a Med Spa, you should go to the facility and get a feel for it. Some of the services you’ll be receiving will take many hours to complete. You want a clean, sanitized environment that is both comfortable and appealing.

Take a peek around the premises when you visit and pay attention to the following:

  • Is it clean and tidy?
  • Do guests appear to be waiting in the lobby for extended periods of time?
  • Is the waiting room welcoming?
  • Did you get a tour of the facility? Do the restrooms appear to be pleasant and clean?
  • Is the staff welcoming and attentive?

2. Is all of the staff trained and certified?

Many of the procedures performed in a medical spa necessitate training and certification. Some jurisdictions require the institution to have a qualified medical professional on staff, such as a doctor, nurse, or nurse practitioner.

Medical spas in Colorado must have at least one licensed, qualified medical aesthetician on staff to perform/supervise procedures involving injections of medical-grade materials.

3. What Services Are Available?

Examine their website before visiting a Med Spa. It’s pointless to make an appointment if they don’t provide the services and procedures you require. It’s also beneficial if the website includes service pages and a knowledge base that explain what the procedures entail, informs you about the benefits and hazards, and provides an upfront cost estimate.

4. Do They Have Positive Feedback?

One of the most effective ways to investigate a Med Spa is to speak with someone who has used their services. If you don’t know anyone who has visited a Med Spa, browse online for reviews and testimonials from real customers. Reading Yelp reviews and Med Spa’s Google My Business profile can teach you a lot.

One or two unfavorable reviews aren’t always indicative of a problem. What is important is the nature of the negative feedback and how it was handled. It’s not a good sign if there are a lot of negative reviews or if the negative reviews are disregarded.

5. What is the level of customer service?

Med Spa should give solid customer care in addition to pleasant, professional service and a clean facility. Reputable suppliers are open and honest about their policies, and they encourage questions. Inquire about return policies if you’re dissatisfied with a product or what happens if you’re not content with the outcome of your operation.

The majority of places will provide you with an initial consultation. Is your aesthetician willing to listen to and handle your concerns? Do you believe you have been treated seriously? Is your consultant willing to collaborate with you to develop a customized treatment plan that addresses your individual concerns and objectives?


When it comes to your skin, you should invest in goods and individuals who will collaborate with you to improve what nature has given you. Choosing the top Med Spa in San Diego, CO, will give you access to the services you require in a relaxing setting that is close enough to visit anytime you want.

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