Everest Base Camp Trek is located in Nepal. Mount Everest has an elevation of 18,200 feet. Most of the trekkers have Nepal in their bucket list, especially trekking to Mount Everest. Mount Everest is the most celebrated peak all over the world. Trekking to Everest Base Camp is not an easy task, it is once in a life-time experience and gives you immense beauty and a surreal experience of the world from the top of the highest peak. It is one of the most difficult treks and takes around 15 days to complete.

Season to visit

The best season for trekking to Mount Everest is during summer and autumn seasons. One can get snow durings the months of October and November. Everest Base Camp is where the trekkers stay and prepare themselves to climb the world’s highest peak. Sagarmatha National Park is a UNESCO heritage site, and is located in the Eastern Nepal of the Himalayas. The Sagarmatha, meaning “skyhead”, touching the sky, is the highest national park with its highest point, touching the Everest, just at 18,200 feet.

Sagarmatha National has a variety of fauna, forests, barren land, snow-capped peaks, and it is also the home of more than 5,000 sherpas inhabiting the region. Everest Base Camp Trek is equally both physically challenging and rewarding.


To climb Mount Everest, it takes around 15 days. Some of the best Everest Base Camp Trek Packages are listed below:-

PackageDays / NightsAmount (Rs.)
Everest Base Camp Trek Package 16 days / 15 nightsRs. 65,599
Mesmerizing Everest Base Camp Package 14 days / 13 nightsRs. 62,999
Everest Trekking Package13 days / 12 nightsRs. 63,599


At an altitude of 18,500 feet, the perfect spot for any trekker to visit, and sky as its roof. The journey starts from Kathmandu, Nepal. From Kathmandu, you have to take a flight to Lukla Airport. Lukla Airport is a tiny airport, approximately 30 minutes away from Kathmandu, via a flight. The trek from Lukla Airport is approximately 62 kilometers, and while trekking, one can see and observe abundance of trees, landscapes, grassy paths, old villages and so on. During this trek, one also gets an opportunity to go in the trails of the legendary trekkers Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay likewise. 

The Everest Base Camp likewise goes through the Sagarmatha National Park, every step further taken leads to you this beautiful glory. A pleasant and vibrant walk through the banks of Dudhkoshi River, crossing the renowned Sagarmatha National Park.


Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO Heritage Site, was formed in 1976. It is famous for its highest point, just at the same elevation as of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. Sagarmatha National Park has some very rare species found in it, such as the snow leopard, the lesser panda and so on. It is also a habitat for numerous Sherpas,and  their unique culture. 

Sagarmatha National Park is located in Khumbu region of Nepal, it is the national park of Nepal.

In 1979, UNESCO declared it as one of the Heritage Sites.

Flora & Fauna

The park is highly rich in its flora and fauna, and if you are a bird-lover, it is a delight and the world’s best place for you. There is a lot of distinctness in its vegetation,it changes as one ascends. In lower altitudes, it is subdued by fir, birch trees, pine and bamboos, whereas on the higher altitudes, it is mosses and lichens, which are widespread. The trees and its flowers bloom in April and stay vibrant and colorful till the start of September.

The wildlife

There are a number of different species found in the park, such as Himalayan Tahr, wolves, lynxes and weasels, it is a home to around 90 endangered bird species such as Snowcock, Yellow-billed chough and so on. That is, also one of the prime reasons, it being a treat for a bird lover and wildlife photographer. One can also enjoy and do a lot of adventure in The Sagarmatha National Park. Some of the must to-do activities are listed below, that one should definitely try while its visit:-

  • Hiking
  • Gyko Lake: Camping
  • Mount Taboche: Trekking up to the Highest Point Monastery
  • Dudh Koshi River: Chilling and Relaxing
  • Mount Everest : Visiting it from Kala Pathar


If ever got an opportunity, one must visit the Everest Base Camp Trek and also The Sagarmatha National Park. It will be one of the most thrilling and challenging experiences of one’s life.

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