Honda CB350RS vs Yezdi Roadster Motorcycle

The base model of the Honda CB350RS has priced at Rs. 1.98 Lakh, while the Yezdi Roadster starts at Rs. 2.01 Lakh. Yezdi Roadster’s quoted mileage is 28.5 km/l, compared to the Honda CB350RS’s 45.8 km/l. Regarding mechanical specs, the Yezdi Roadster has a 334 cc engine compared to the Honda CB350RS’s 348.36 cc engine. Let’s start Honda CB350RS vs Yezdi Roadster.

Yezdi Roadster

The Yezdi Roadster is a new premium strong cruiser bike with an assertive vintage muscular appearance. The brand-new, high-end cruiser bike is furnished with vintage-style body parts. And as an engine that meets the BS6 standard for emissions.

The Yezdi Roadster has a striking or aggressive exterior modern retro design, and stylish cruiser bike body panels. In addition, the bike has a round retro-style LED headlight setup, and retro-style LED turn indicators. Attractive-looking LED taillight, a round retro-style rearview mirror, and attractive premium color options.

Yezdi Roadster also has a muscular-type tank, tank pad, twin exhaust system, and vintage body part element. It gives the bike a more aggressive cruiser appearance. Furthermore, the all-new BS6 standard emission engine and electronic fuel injection technology system. That powers the new Yezdi Roadster to boost the bike’s overall performance. In addition, Yezdi Roadster has an advanced intelligent LCD multi-functional digital display system. A retro-style step-up seat, a passenger backrest pad, sleek alloy wheels, and tubeless tires.

A turn-by-turn navigation system supported smartphone connectivity technology. Handlebar-mounted USB and Type-C mobile phone charging connectors, and other advanced features are also included with the new cruiser bike. In addition, the new bike has two-channel ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) for improved stability. And better handling and disc brake setups at both the front and back wheels for safety. The Yezdi Roadster comes in a single standard variant and five eye-catching color variations. However, its pricing is comparable to other two-wheeler color options on the Indian market.

Honda CB350RS

The Honda CB350RS, on the other hand, is the Honda lineup’s modern cruiser bike with new-age flair. The Honda CB350RS has contemporary vintage design aspects that give it a more appealing retro cruiser appearance. Such as a circular headlamp, a fuel tank in the style of a teardrop, broad handlebars, and single-piece seats.

The new motorcycle is outfitted with a new BS6 standard emission engine that uses Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-Fi) technologies. It increases the motorcycle’s overall performance and fuel efficiency. The Honda CB350RS has several cutting-edge innovations. Including an analog speedometer in the classic style, a small LCD, an LED taillight, turn indicators in the ring design, alloy wheels, and tubeless tires. In addition, the new bike is packed with extra features like an assist and slipper clutch, a side-stand indicator with engine inhibitor, a gear position indicator, hazard lamps, and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC).

The Pro variant has the Honda Smartphone Voice Control System, two-unit horn, and appealing dual-tone paint options (HSVCS). In addition, the new bike has two-channel ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) for improved stability and better handling and disc brake setups at both the front and back wheels for safety. In India, the Honda CB350RS will come in three variants—the DLX base model, the DLX Pro mid-model, and the Anniversary Edition top variant—with six attractive color options. Now, check Honda CB350RS vs the Yezdi Roadster motorcycle based on specifications.

Honda CB350RS vs Yezdi Motorcycles Roadster: Specifications

# Yezdi Roadster

Yezdi Roadster is a contemporary, powerful cruiser bike that develops 29.7 horsepower at 7300 revolutions per minute and 29 Nm of torque at 6500 revolutions per minute. The 6-speed transmission is connected to the machine. The improved fuel injection system and BS6-compliant emission engine increase the bike’s overall performance. The engine is a 334cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, DOHC, new BS6 emission standard engine.

Telescopic forks with coil springs are used for the front suspension, while dual shocks with gas-filled emulsions are used for the rear. For improved braking performance and a safe ride on the road, the 320 mm single disc with the floating caliper in the front and 240 mm with the floating caliper at the rear is equipped with dual channel ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System). The tubeless tires on the Yezdi Roadster modern luxury cruiser bike’s ends let it roll on current-looking alloy wheels.

# Honda CB350RS

The Honda CB350RS, on the other hand, is propelled by a brand-new 348.36cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled, SI, BS6 engine with a Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-Fi) system that generates 20.8 HP at 5500 Rpm. In addition, 5-speed transmission with a multi-plate wet, assist, and slipper clutch is coupled to the engine.

The new motorcycle has a new BS6 standard emission engine with the well-known Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-Fi) system from the manufacturer for improved performance and fuel economy. Telescopic forks at the front and hydraulic double shock absorbers at the back handle the suspension work. A 310 mm front disc brake and 240 mm rear disc brake with dual channel ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) is used to manage braking functions to provide a safe ride on the road.

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