How to clean and disinfect a school or childcare facility?

School cleaning How to clean and disinfect a school or childcare facility?

If you want to have an effective school cleaning and childcare facility, or any other establishment welcoming children, read our advice and product recommendations. Good news: you can buy them, in a few clicks, on SCS Group Integrated Services. You will thus have all the cards in hand to offer healthy premises suitable for young children (childcare facilities and primary schools in particular).

During and after the confinement period linked to the COVID-19 coronavirus, many of you contacted us to find out which cleaning product to buy to disinfect schools and nurseries. Indeed, on SCS Group Integrated Services, we offer all kinds of cleaning products and, depending on your needs, it is not always easy to find your way around.

Cleaning products suitable for cleaning child care and disinfecting schools

For optimal cleaning of your premises, we recommend you use cleaning products. Many nurseries, preschools, and primary schools have implemented strict cleaning and maintenance protocols to safeguard the health of children, teachers, and all staff in contact with the youngest. For optimal efficiency, here are the products we recommend for cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing classrooms as well as school equipment, toys, etc.

Multi-purpose disinfectant

As the name suggests, this disinfectant with a spray gun can be used in many ways, for different uses. Do not hesitate to use it to clean surfaces and objects potentially in contact with children  multi-purpose disinfectant is effective on these different supports:

  • Worktops, sinks, trash cans, microwaves, tables, refrigerators.
  • WCs, showers, baths, sinks, siphons, door handles
  • Plastic toys, high chairs, changing tables

Disinfectant wipes

 Favor the use of cleaning and disinfecting wipes for small surfaces (door handles, school desk, etc.). Moreover, as soon as a child handles a toy, a marker, or any other object that can be touched by another child, it is recommended to clean this object between each use. For this, disinfectant wipes prove to be very effective. But this is obviously not the only possible use. Do not hesitate to use sanitary wipes to clean and disinfect:

  • Refrigerators, countertops, microwaves, remote controls, tables, tiled surfaces
  • WCs, showers, baths, sinks, door handles
  • Plastic toys, high chairs, changing tables

Sanitary floor and surface cleaner

Use this type of cleaner to clean the floor of the classroom, but also the hallways and all common areas of nurseries and schools. Many other surfaces can also be effectively disinfected with floors & Surfaces cleaner. This product destroys 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, and H1N1 viruses. Santol recommends using its floor and surface cleaner in a diluted or pure version.

  • In diluted use: floors and large surfaces in different materials. This is particularly the case for PVC, vinyl, marble, and granite coverings, but the product is also effective on vitrified parquet floors, linoleum, and on all non-porous tiles.
  • In pure use: to disinfect and remove stubborn dirt, on all kinds of supports & objects, thanks to its concentrated formula without bleach.

Textile disinfectant

 In a classroom, in primary school, in kindergarten, or even in childcare facilities, it is also important to clean all kinds of fabrics with care. This also applies to all common areas. For this, nothing better than textile disinfectants! Offered in several scents (citrus, mountain, flowers, etc.), the disinfectant for fabric eliminates bacteria, fungi, and H1N1 viruses, and neutralizes household airborne allergens (mites, pollens, and molds). And this while leaving pleasant smells on the fabrics and in the disinfected rooms!

Textile disinfectant is suitable for:

  • Air: classrooms, canteen, but also sanitary facilities, cupboards, etc.
  • Surfaces: door handles, toilet seats, flush buttons, etc.
  • Textiles: fabric cushions, rugs, curtains, carpets, car seats, etc.

Sanitary air purifier

 To disinfect and clean the air of children, nothing better than an air purifier! In addition to being bleach-free and propellant-free, it is very easy to use and does not stain. If you want to purify the air in a school, do not hesitate to carry out regular spraying of this product in the classrooms and common areas. In preventive use, the air purifier is recommended during periods favorable to viruses and conducive to their spread.

This product is suitable for:

  • Purify the air: classrooms, play areas, hallways, etc.
  • Disinfect surfaces: door handles, toilet seats, flush buttons, but also toys, etc.

Your advantages as a school or childcare facility on your purchases of cleaning products

Do not hesitate to contact  SCS Group Integrated Services, as a professional customer, to benefit from exclusive rates. Enough to make significant savings on your purchases of creative leisure equipment, but also on cleaning products.

Many schools, nurseries, childminders, animators, and other professionals related to early childhood, regularly trust us. In turn, do not hesitate to place your orders on SCS Group Integrated Services and benefit from:

  Good to know: On SCS Group Integrated Services, we also offer many ideas for manual activities and small crafts for children through step-by-step, tutorials and free DIYs. Nothing better to occupy and entertain children, while developing their senses and motor skills!

In this article, we hope to have answered your various questions related to the cleaning and disinfection of schools & nurseries. Feel free to leave your comments below if you need clarification or to give your own advice. See you soon on the site!

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