How to Draw a Cartoon Background

Landscapes and nature scenes are common subjects for artists. So many wild looks around the globe inspire us, creating the sense that people would enjoy capturing these beautiful sights and the textures they motivate. They can be drawn in many different styles, and each can present its challenges.

Even learning how to draw a cartoon background can be quite a task! This guide will show you how to remove your beautiful and stylish experience. So get ready to contribute to a time-honored artistic tradition through this step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon background in just six easy steps!

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How to Draw a Cartoon Location – Let’s Get Formed!

Step 1

For this first part of your cartoon background drawing, you will require a ruler to support you. This is because we will frame this background in the shape of a vertical rectangle. You can draw this with your ruler or skip this part if you want to use the edges of your page as an outline.

Then once we have the outline, we’ll start drawing some beautiful mountains for the scene. These will be removed using layers of curved lines with a pointed tip at the top. The tubes used for these mountains will be rough and textured. There will be a lot of space above and below the hills, and we will fill it as we go.

Step 2

We’ll make these mountains much more picturesque by adding some snowy peaks in this step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon background. To do this, we’ll outline some jagged lines on the tops of the mountains, as shown in our image. You can also place this snow higher or lower if you prefer! That’s it for this step, and then we can continue.

Step 3

It’s time to descend from the mountains while we draw some hills below them. We’ll remove two layers of curved, wavy horizontal lines. These will connect the way we show in the reference image, and there will be plenty of unused space below them. This drawing already looks great, but we have more unique details to add, so let’s proceed!

Step 4

Time to add more rolling hills to this mountainous landscape! To do this, we’ll continue drawing layers of long, wavy lines throughout the landscape. These will be in a row and continue from the last hill you drew in the previous step.

Some of these will be a bit wavier than others, and you can make them even wavier or straighter, depending on your preference. Once these hills have been drawn, we’ll be ready to finish up some details and finishing touches to improve your drawing.

step 5

This step of our guide on drawing a cartoon background is about adding a few finishing touches to bring it all together! We’ll give you some details to add, but we’ll also open things up for you to add your creative touches. First, let’s add the final element of this drawing, and as you can see, it will add a lot of clouds to the sky. Each shadow will be drawn with a jagged line to make them look nice and fluffy, and we’ll add a few.

This is another step where you can change the details per your preference. You may want fewer, much larger clouds, or you may want no clouds at all! It’s entirely up to you, and there are plenty of other details you could also add. We’ll also add some points with the colors we used, and when we’re done, we can move on to the final step.

Step 6

It’s time to finish off this cartoon background drawing with some color, and this is a step that should be a lot of fun! Our reference image used terrific blues and greens to create a stunning background. You could use this reference image as inspiration for your image. But you also need to get creative when choosing colors for this beautiful scene. We think watercolor paints would look incredibly impressive for this image. But there are no wrong answers regarding your art tools. Watercolors and colored pencils are fantastic for a softer look. While you can use acrylic paints and colored markers for more vibrant hues.

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