Make sure the SEO company talks about your business goals

For small and medium-sized businesses, having an SEO marketing plan is a must, but often overlooked. Many businesses believe that once they have a nice, new, beautifully designed website up and running, they are good to go. Without an SEO plan, none of your prospects will be able to find your website, no matter how nice it looks.

So, you know that SEO is important and you know that you should be doing SEO on your site, but you have no idea how to start or what to look for. 

Having an SEO company in Dublin understand why, from a business perspective, they may be working on your project is key to understanding what this SEO company is all about. They must understand that SEO is all about generating more business for their company. If they don’t understand or don’t discuss your business goals, you should move on.

What size SEO company should I work with?

Personally, I think that small SEO companies are the most passionate about what they do and in most cases will provide a much better service. Large interactive agencies tend to get distracted by many other projects, account people often move from account to account, and charge inflated fees. Often have too many hands touching your project, and are not as efficient as their pricing should be. order.

How much should you pay for SEO services?

There is no normal standard here but in general. There will probably be an initial startup fee and then a monthly fee to maintain search engine rankings. The startup fee should include site analysis, competitor analysis, keyword analysis, and implementation of changes to the site. The monthly fee is important and key to maintaining your traffic. Rankings change daily.  If you don’t have someone watching your rankings daily, your rankings will start to drop and therefore your sales.

The amount of the initial start-up fee and the monthly fees will. Of course, vary depending on the number of pages that are optimized and maintained. Some SEO company in Dublin base their numbers on the amount of time it takes to perform initial and ongoing services per page. This is good practice. That way, you can link the budget to each page when doing an ROI analysis.

What should you consider when selecting SEO companies?

Here is a short list of SEO tactics that should be avoided at all costs. In most cases, these methods will get you banned from search engines. Definitely ask the SEO companies you are courting if they practice these types of tactics.

Redirects: This means pointing a page to another page. 

Link Farming – These are companies that sell you links. This is one of the fastest ways to remove your site from a search engine.

Page cloaking – This is where a business creates one version of a page to display to search engines. Another version to their visitors. Search engines are very wise about this and this practice should not be used.

There are many other SEO practices to be aware of, but these are the top offenders and should be avoided at all costs. Be sure to ask the SEO companies you are talking to if they understand that these practices could get your site banned from search engines. Do not hire a company that provides these types of services.

It should be noted that SEO is simply riddled with expert providers, fakes, and shoddy scammers. As an open field (on the open net, no less), SEO is part of the wild west. You will not at some point get sanctioned companies and third-party companies that can control when it comes to offering the best SEO company.

Tied to this reality is the truth that SEO is a mixture of art and science. This gives its practitioners a sort of intuitive and nifty understanding of hard-to-define search engines, along with the concrete insights of analytics and metrics, semantic markup, and log file analyzers.

When you hire an SEO company, make sure they are passionate about their business. Talk about how they can increase YOUR bottom line. After all, SEO is all about driving more traffic to your site, and therefore more business. Read more

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