The benefits of living in a gated community apartment in Dubai

One of the most beautiful parts about living in a gated community apartment is that you can have all the privacy you need. There are no other residents, and no one else but you can see or smell you. This means that your home is almost entirely yours. The only restrictions on who can enter your house are that they have to be signed off by their guardian and have a permit from the local municipal authority. So, what are the benefits of living in a gated community apartment in Dubai? Here’s what you get:

Fees are cheap

When living in a gated community apartment in Dubai. You won’t get charged a fee for the privilege of living in your own house. There are no monthly fees whatsoever, and if you want to upgrade to a higher price category — like, say, a luxury property — you won’t even have to put up a fight. Most of the fees you’ll pay will be for maintenance, which is usually around Dh300 a month. There are no hidden fees, either. These fees are mandatory and there’s an upfront fee that covers them.

A gated community apartment is fully furnished and keeps you updated on the latest happenings in the surrounding area

You won’t be cramped for space. You and your family will be comfortable in your own home, not to mention the outdoor space you can use as you see fit. There will be plenty of room for your toys, books, and movies. And you can have a professional owner who can maintain the quality of the space. There will also be a separate entrance for your home that leads to the backyard and other outdoor spaces. You won’t be without a garden, either, which will be easily accessible from the house. 

This will be your gated community apartment, complete with a back patio, a full-sized pool, and a path-side cafe. You’re practically guaranteed to see a few wild animals, too. Especially if you choose to keep your house on the grounds. If you’re lucky, someone might even stop in to visit during the day as they enjoy their favorite hobby. 

You can have a private entrance to your home if you want to feel a little more private than sharing a house with a group of people can give you. You can always feel free to go up to your own home and take a separate entrance. This will allow you to feel more like your own boss and has plenty of security. There is a security deposit that will come with this option, too, so consider this a good price tag. Nothing prevents you from taking this option whenever you have the time and space to set up your own home.

The security of having a fully-furnished home

If you’re really lucky and find yourself living in a gated community with a fully-furnished home, you’re in luck. Every penny you spend will go towards security. This includes everything from up-to-date lights and bars in the home to security cameras in the backyard. There’s no way around it: this is a fully-furnished home in a gated community. From the outdoor space you choose to put your personal touches to the security cameras in your backyard, you’re covered.

You won’t need to get a permit from the city authority

You won’t need to get a permit from the city authority to build a gated community in Dubai. The approval process is pretty straightforward. And you won’t have to apply for it in advance as you would in other cities. There is a $200 deposit that goes towards your security deposit when you build a gated community, and you can cancel that deposit at any time if you don’t like it at all. Then there’s a $50 fee for each vehicle that visits your property, which is usually around 4-5 vehicles in total.

The great outdoors for people who love it

You are in complete control of your home, complete with the stunning outdoors. You can do anything you want with it. Whether it goes on nature walks, use the backyard pool as a spa, or hang out at the nearby restaurant. The backyard is perfect for indoor activities, and you can even use the outdoor space for a wedding reception or other romantic getaways. While you’re at it, why not treat yourself to a day at the beach or the pool along with your new gated community apartment?

 Return on investment for those who live outside their means

You won’t have to pay a single penny for the privilege of living in your own home. You won’t even have to put up a fight — this is a key benefit of living in a gated community. There will be no monthly fees whatsoever, and everything will be completely self-funded. So, if you want to upgrade to a higher price category, you won’t even have to put up a fight. Just, one word: money. Downtown Dubai is an amazing place to invest in. You can find property for sale in Downtown  Dubai as well as apartment for sale in business bay


Having everything you need and everything you want right at your fingertips can be amazing. But if you don’t have the cash to buy it all then you can’t just kind of walk away. That’s what happened to many homeowners in the past, and now. Thanks to the launch of the new Greater Dubai Plan, it’s all over for them. The new plan is designed to make living in a gated community as easy as possible for homeowners. From setting up your home to living and keeping your family safe. There are no fees for maintenance, no permits to build, and no waitlisted properties. The new plan will make living in a gated community as affordable as it gets for everyone. You can even get a discount on monthly payments if you’re a homebuyer looking to purchase a gated community home.

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