The Top 5 Most Used Operating Systems

At some point in your life, you’ve probably engaged in a “PC versus Mac” fight. Even while everyone seems to have extremely strong ideas on the matter, the choice of the operating systems ultimately boils down to personal preference.

Most people can name one or more things they like, but they might not be able to describe exactly what it is that they like most about them. Users might mention that they appreciate a specific command prompt, some pre-installed software, the hardware’s appearance and feel, the systems or apps they can download, or even the pre-installed web browser. Nevertheless, the truth is that most users aren’t instantly aware of an OS’s functionality. It becomes simpler to use when consumers have access to information about the various processing and interface components of their preferred Opearting systems.

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To choose a computer and operating system that best suits their needs, students (especially those who take classes online), freelancers, contractors, and everyone who owns a phone, computer, or tablet should get familiar with the various OSs. You should have a solid understanding of OSs if you intend to study IT in college and pursue a career in the sector to ensure that you have all the necessary abilities.

The Five Most Popular Operating Systems

Operating systems fall into one of five categories. Your phone, PC, or other mobile devices like a tablet are probably power by one of these five OS types. Knowing the different apps and system kinds can help you execute routine tasks, manage security and user access, and much more whether you’re just a regular computer and phone user or someone aspiring to a career in IT.

Microsoft Windows

The Windows operating system has undergone multiple revisions and iterations since the 1980s (including Windows 95, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10, etc.). Microsoft Windows, one of the most popular operating systems, is preloading on the majority of new computer hardware. With each new update or edition of Windows, Microsoft continues to improve the user experience, hardware, and software, making Windows more usable and accessible.

A control panel, a desktop and desktop assistant, disc cleanup, an event viewer, and other features are all included in Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows is favoured by many users because, in their opinion, it is compatible with a wide variety of software. Because Microsoft creates many different types of computer programmes, Microsoft Windows is the greatest platform for them.

Apple macOS

Apple’s macOS competes head-to-head with Microsoft Windows. Both macOS and Windows are instances of proprietary operating systems, which denote that the business created, developed, and is currently selling its own OS. They are creating and marketing by the businesses; users are not supposesto mess with or modify them. The exclusive macOS and OS X operating systems, the first of which was released 20 years ago, power Apple and Macintosh computers.

Google’s Android OS

Based on the Linux operating system and other free and open source software, Google and other businesses use this OS to power their Android smartphones and tablets. The main operating system for Google’s mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, is Android. Since its debut as a competitor to Apple’s iOS for smartphone users, Android has grown in popularity and is still growing thanks to new updates and intriguing features.

Apple iOS

Apple’s iOS is a different mobile operating system that is only utilize with iPhones, among of the most well-known mobile devices available today. Even if a user has an older device, iOS integrations frequently offer new features, new software expansions, and updates.

Many consumers laud iOS for its distinctive touch-based user interface and user-friendly design. This operating system also enables links with other Apple products, providing users with simple connections to other things or people.

Linux Operating System

Linux is distinct from Windows and Macintosh in that it is a family of open source systems rather than a proprietary one. In other words, it is open to modification and distribution. Although it may not be the most well-known option on this list, Linux is free and has a variety of open source variants. Linux is well-liked because it’s simple to customise and gives users who know how to use it a wide range of possibilities. Linux is a great option if you know how to alter and work with operating systems.

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Final Thoughts

The demand for technology in corporate settings will only increase as technology develops and as younger generations, like millennials, enter the workforce and grow up using it. The features and applications that operating systems offer for usage in both personal and professional contexts are being driven by younger generations. The time is now to start if you’re thinking about getting an IT degree. Your future career options are virtually limitless if you choose to pursue a career in computers or IT.

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