What are the Disadvantages of React JS?

The formal introduction of React, an open-source JavaScript library, was in 2013. Actually, FaxJS was a prototype version that its developer, Jordan Walke, created and released in 2011—two years earlier.

The library is employed in the building of web applications and is intended to assist programmers in producing quick single-page programmes and user interfaces.

The popularity of React was indicated in the introduction above. Well, statistics are facts. React JS is the preferred framework, according to more than 40% of engineers. Please keep in mind, though, that React is a library and not a framework.

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But don’t worry—calling it a framework is a mistake that many people make. It’s acceptable if you occasionally refer to React JS as a framework because it is actually a library that contains aspects of a framework.

What is React? 

There are numerous JavaScript MVC frameworks available. React is not an MVC framework, though. A Facebook team created the open source JavaScript library known as React. It is a library for creating user interfaces that are modular.It encourages the creation of reusable user interface elements that show dynamic data. Most front-end JavaScript developers mix it with frameworks like Angular and Vue to create complex functionalities.

Templates are not used in React. Web application user interfaces are often created using HTML directives or templates. The complete collection of abstractions that you are permitted to utilise to design your UI is often dictated by these templates. User interfaces are constructed differently using React since it divides them into components.


It is a fundamental reality that nothing is flawless. Yes, React’s advantages might create the idea that the library is faultless, but is this truly the case? Let’s investigate.

Lack of Proper Documentation

There are numerous tools and libraries that can improve React’s performance. Even React itself receives frequent updates. Unfortunately, there is a drawback to that. Due to the number of updates and new releases, there simply isn’t enough time to give extensive documentation. Simple text guidelines are the only resources left for developers.

Development Speed

This one might be viewed negatively even if it appears to be an advantage rather than a disadvantage. The library is always evolving, which irritates developers who must constantly learn new mechanics or methods, which is the cause of this.


The majority of people view JSX as a benefit rather than a drawback, yet it could also be viewed as a barrier.

But what exactly is JSX? To put it simply, JSX is a JavaScript extension that can make code more readable and organised.

It appears that there are only positive aspects. React JS is harder to master since JSX combines HTML and JavaScript, which can turn off potential developers. Don’t worry if you find it too challenging; JSX is optional.

Problems with SEO

Yes, we also included SEO experts. Why then does it appear there? This is due to Google’s previous indexing issues with client-side-rendered websites.

Although the situation appears to be much better now, occasionally these problems may still exist. The answer would be to set up a server-side rendering and see if the website is properly indexed by Google Search Console.

Can React be Used for Mobile Development?

Web apps are made with ReactJS. React Native, the React mobile development solution, was released in 2015. React Native is a hybrid framework for creating apps that allows programmers to reuse more than 90% of their code across iOS and Android applications. To bridge the gap between JavaScript and platform-specific languages like Java or Objective-C, React Native makes use of native APIs.

One of the most effective and potent ecosystems for creating mobile apps is React Native. The hybrid apps made with React Native display some of the code in the platform’s native language. This feature of React Native makes apps more potent, quicker, and ultimately have a better user experience than apps developed using alternative hybrid app development frameworks.

Wrap Up

ReactJS is a very effective development framework that can be used to assist programmers in building web applications with strong User Interfaces more quickly. React has both advantages and disadvantages, but many of those disadvantages, in my opinion, stem from people’s dislike of quick changes. Continuous development is not a problem. You could argue that one of React’s greatest benefits is its ability to develop quickly. Technology advances at a rapid rate. More recent technology will advance even faster than ReactJS. An exciting step towards the new digital future is development.

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