What Can I Print With A Large Format printing?

A printing large format printer is a versatile machine that can produce any image or create a wide range of products. Using solvent, UV-LED, dye sublimation, cutting technologies, and more, our large format systems work with numerous print media to create stunning applications.

These print media options include pressure-sensitive adhesive-backed vinyl, extremely durable banner vinyl, canvas for home or office décor, roll-up banners for trade shows and other professional settings, self-adhesive window vinyl, backlit film, and much more.

What is large format printing?

Sometimes also known as large-format printing, large-scale printing has many advantages, but only if you have the high resolution and clarity needed to make a good impression.

The machine will then apply ink to match the graphics, often using a quick-dry process that makes the printed material ready to use.

Large format printers increase speed and productivity while allowing you to print on a wide range of materials. A range of software tools, including RasterLink, can increase printer performance and maximize control over the printing process.

What can I print with large format printers?

As for what you can print, here are some of the limitless possibilities of large format printing:

  • Signs and Graphics: In addition to banners, wallpaper, and vehicle graphics, wide-format Printing, Mailing & Fulfillment can produce all types of graphics for billboards, signs, point-of-sale displays, and ADA signage. From floor graphics and road signs to mugs, sports accessories, and mouse pads, there are so many possibilities.

  • Interior Graphics: Our printers can recreate art on canvas or produce images/patterns for banners, curtains, lampshades, wallpapers, seat covers, pillows, and duvets. 

  • They can satisfy your decorative needs, satisfy your craving for modern fashion, or help complement your home’s interior décor with high-quality prints.

  • Labels, Stickers, and Decals –  They can produce traffic signs, images for vehicle elements, and window graphics.

  • Promotional Products – Want to create a unique product label or branded promotional items like pens, mugs, mouse pads, lighters, or keys? Mimaki wide format printers let you do it quickly and affordably. You can even print decals or images for personal products, electronic devices, or backlit surfaces to create the perfect image or message.

  • Industrial Parts and Prototypes: Industrial printing aids in the finishing and labeling of machine parts and tools, as well as for completing membrane panels, seat liners, and thermoforming molds. From watches to vehicle graphics to full-color 3D printing of anything, Mimaki printers can do it all.

Benefits of Mimaki Large Format Printers

Our Printing, Mailing & Fulfillment use advanced technologies to achieve benefits such as high-speed printing and drying. We do this through UV-LED technology and dye-sublimation, a process that vaporizes ink and dries it quickly as it embeds it in the print medium.

Mimaki wide format printers also work at exceptional speeds; for example, the JV300 Plus series prints up to 1,140 square feet per hour (also available in 54-inch and 64-inch widths). Our new JFX600-2513 flatbed printer achieves print speeds of up to 2,152 square feet per hour.

Mimaki printers include patented technologies such as Waveform Control, Intelligent Heaters, Advanced Pass System, Nozzle Recovery System, InkCirculation Technology, and Fine Diffusion to further improve functionality, print quality, and efficiency.

3D Printing challenges: Olli, the ecological bus

Our readers know that we are passionate about talking about advances in the world of printing in general and that we regularly introduce you to 3D printing innovations. The last episode of this exciting saga, which we have told you about on these pages some time ago, dealt with the construction of a building in Dubai, made almost entirely by means of a 3D printer. Today, on the other hand, the novelty comes from the United States: it is Olli, a bus conceived by the Local Motors company, one of a kind. 

Easy, right? Of course, the fact that there is no real driver may give rise to some (understandable) doubts about the safety of the means of transport, which can accommodate up to 12 passengers.

But that’s not all: not only does Olli move safely through traffic, but he can also interact with his passengers. For example, you can provide information about the places you are moving through or give useful news about the services present in the area. Practical, ecological, useful… what else? As we said before, the prototype is currently in the testing phase in Washington. Maybe they will come to our countries too.

Without a doubt, Olli represents the last frontier in the world of 3D printing. A world in continuous expansion, increasingly pioneering and adaptable to any area of ​​our lives, from technology to construction, to decoration, and more. Now, even the means of transport sector can enjoy this inexpensive prototype, quickly built and capable of moving around the urban fabric without polluting the air, in total comfort and safety. Considering the enormous problem of pollution suffered by most cities around the world, this can be an ideal solution from any point of view.

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