What to Do When You Find It Difficult to Get Student Accommodation in Dublin

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and is one of the destinations where a large number of students from various parts of the world come to get higher education. In fact, it is the largest center of education in Ireland and is home to four universities. Due to the coming of a lot of overseas student in Dublin, there is a huge demand for student accommodation here.

There is no shortage of student accommodation here but sometimes you may face difficulties due to a huge rush of international students in the city. Another reason for facing the difficulties may be that you have started searching for accommodation in this city very late. In such a situation, the question arises what to do.

Below, you will read what to do when you find it difficult to get student accommodation Dublin.

Search for Private Student Apartments Rental

In Dublin, you not only find the purposely built student accommodations but also some private rental apartments that may be found in many parts of the city. When you are finding it difficult to get student accommodation in Dublin, searching for private rental apartments is the best option for you.

Even if all the purposely built accommodations for students are booked due to delay in booking, then also you can find some rental apartments vacant. You can book these apartments overnight. Some online platforms which provide the facility to search for purposely built accommodation also deal in private rental apartments.

Private rental apartments can be found at different price ranges. If you find an apartment at high prices then you can stay there till a purposely built student accommodation becomes vacant. You will read how to keep track of when accommodation becomes vacant in one of the upcoming sections.

Book Accommodation in Another City in Ireland

For the time being, you can book accommodation in another city in Ireland. You can also commute from another city to Dublin to attend a lecture at your university or college here. For example, you can book student accommodation Cork wherefrom you can reach Dublin within around 2 hours 37-46 minutes by vehicle from your accommodation and shift easily.

You can stay there for some time and can book accommodation in Dublin whenever it becomes vacant; however, you should read the terms and conditions of your accommodation in Cork or any other city in Ireland so that don’t get any difficulty in leaving. In the next section, you will read the way to keep track of accommodation to find out when it becomes vacant.

Join “Waitlists” on Online Student Accommodation Service Platforms

The online student accommodation service platforms are the best platforms of the date to search for student accommodations in different cities in the world. You find complete lists of accommodations in various cities including Dublin.

When a property is full, these websites provide you an option to join their “waitlists”. When you join the waitlist of a student property, you can easily track when an accommodation in a property becomes vacant.

So, if there is still some time in your journey to Dublin, you may immediately find a place when it will become vacant after some days. Besides, if you are staying in a private rental apartment but are willing to shift to a purposely built student accommodation in Dublin then also you can keep track and find a place to stay when a property waitlisted by you has an accommodation vacant. Similarly, if you are living in Cork or any other city in Ireland and are waiting to shift to Dublin, then also it is the perfect way for you to keep track of when accommodation becomes vacant.

Try to Adjust with Another International Student in Dublin

Sometimes, some accommodation owners allow students to share their accommodation with other students at a later stage. You can search for such places. You can either go through the online forums to know such places. Or, if you have already reached Dublin and are staying in some temporary accommodation such as a hotel or a resort then you can visit some accommodation properties to find such places. You can know if there are some students who are in search of a roommate or housemate and can adjust with them in their rooms or flats.

Besides, if any of your friends has also taken admission in Dublin and has already booked accommodation in this city then you can adjust with him/her also.

Final Words

The above-mentioned ones are the ideal ways to get accommodation when you find difficulties in searching for a place to stay in Dublin. However, it is advised to students to book accommodation three or four months before the commencement of their session to avoid all types of difficulties.

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