Why Choose Data Science for Career – Pros and Cons

Data scientist careers are rising worldwide as data-driven decision-making becomes more common. Any company, large or small, always looks for individuals who can understand and deconstruct data. Many data scientist titles are currently considered hot jobs because they combine diverse skill sets and knowledge bases like applied mathematics, modeling, market intelligence, and analytics.

While data science may appear to be a dream subject to some students, they should be aware that certain factors can turn this dream into a nightmare. The way to acquiring a degree in Data Science is littered with stones and thrones, one of which is writing dissertations on data science research topics as difficult as writing on finance research paper topics. You may feel like pulling out your hair after reading the problem statements for a few data science dissertation topics (dissertationproposal, 2021).

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Because of the increased demand for data worldwide, data science is rapidly evolving. Companies may rely on data scientists’ diverse skill sets to make informed decisions on data and knowledge. They are given interesting opportunities to work with new data to build the correct strategy for solving an issue.

 Many innovations are emerging in this field, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and Serverless Computing, as well as other developing disciplines such as Blockchain, Edge Computing, and Digital Twins. To be a data scientist will be more difficult than ever before. Data scientists are in great demand and in short supply, making competition among data scientists even stronger.

Respecting the many data science disciplines is essential when choosing a career as a data scientist. The diversity of skills required to become a data scientist can benefit, but long-term learning can be prioritized if becoming skilled takes a long time.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Making a Career In Data Science

Data Scientists are in High Demand

Shortly, the data analytics industry’s global proportion of I.T. spending is expected to triple, but no time frame can be offered for how much is likely to shift. Employers and their employees who can use and understand data on any scale – Everyone is seeking employees who have the ability and knowledge to grasp and express data, as well as those who can present results to management in a helpful manner that benefits the business.

Salary Increases and Career Advancement

Everyone is desperate for a newer, mid-level, and advanced data scientist, with the latter becoming even more scarce in all job functions. As the information technology sector prepares to take the next step on the learning curve, many middle-level managers and professionals working in various fields are finding their careers stagnate. It is important to retain knowledge workers in the face of negative job growth and recessions.

Work Opportunities

Also, you can work in any place or region as a data scientist. It would not be difficult to find work. Apart from using research in business for consultation and pharmaceuticals, the most common usage for data scientists in these many diverse industries is likely to be in the disciplines of sales, marketing, and public relations, as these are among the sectors employing the most data scientists. Data scientists can work for the government, the non-profit sector, or both.

Job Search Ease and Lack of Competition

Because it is a new field, there is a shortage of data scientists. Entry-level and advanced data scientists would have different levels of experience. Here are some amazing chances for those looking to better their careers. As a result, skilled data scientists are in short supply in the sector. It is simple to find work in the data science field.

The Pros and Cons of Data Science

Data science is a large subject with numerous distinct advantages and clear flaws. So now you’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of data science (Medeiros et al., 2020).

Top Pros of Data Science

1-      Data science helps in creating your data more valuable

Most businesses require data scientists to be able to understand and analyze data. They oversee not just collecting data but also improving its efficiency. This defines the goals of data science; as a result, it can enrich data and make it more useful to businesses.

2-     It’s highly in demand.

The more the demand for data science, the higher the demand. If you’re looking for a new job, you have multiple options. If you estimate that 11.5 million new roles will be added to LinkedIn by 2026, this is the fastest-growing career function on LinkedIn. Expanding on it is a highly viable career choice for Data scientists.

3-     Data science will help you become a better person.

A job in data science will present you with numerous opportunities for personal growth. One of your greatest strengths would be your ability to solve problems. Many data science positions cross I.T. and the divide between the two.

Top Cons of Data Science

1-      Data science is confusing.

Data science is extensively defined, although its scope is not well defined. Many workers nowadays refer to themselves as “data scientists,” but it’s difficult to define the term. The type of organization determines the position of a data scientist. Although some have dismissed it as a simple renaming of Statistics, others have identified it as the fourth scientific paradigm.

2-     The widespread issue of data privacy

Data is the primary resource for many businesses. Companies hire data scientists to assist them in making data-driven decisions. The specifics of the method may also breach consumers’ privacy. Client data can leak and become available to the parent company. Many industries have expressed concern about data protection.

3-     Complex domain knowledge is required.

Another drawback of data science is that it requires a certain level of subject knowledge. To tackle a data problem, you must have some statistics and computer science knowledge. This also applies to the same. In a health care study, for example, an employee with genetics and molecular biology expertise would be required. This enables data scientists to make decisions that benefit the organization. Obtaining basic information, however, becomes challenging for a data scientist with a certain perspective. Switching jobs is extremely difficult, especially from one industry to another.

Wrap It Up

Data Science is the trendiest career of the 21st century and one of the highest paying jobs, and it has created quite a buzz in the business world. Aside from all its benefits, “Data Science is something like a double-edged sword” in that it has some drawbacks.

Before diving deep into any field, you should always understand both sides of the coin. The preceding explains some of the Pros and Cons of Data Science, which will help you understand things better.


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