Things You Don’t Need to Purchase for Student Accommodation in Melbourne

Melbourne is the name that is known to everyone who has even a little knowledge about the world. This is the city that has gained widespread popularity across the globe for a variety of reasons. It is the capital city of the Australian state of Victoria and is a sports hub. Moreover, it has also some excellent universities where a wide range of domestic and international students get an education with student accommodation Melbourne.

For international students, there are some ideal places for accommodation available in Melbourne. The accommodations in Melbourne comprise a number of amenities for students. This is why you don’t need to purchase some of the things because you already find them in the accommodations in this city.

Here, you will know about those things that you don’t need to buy for your accommodation in Melbourne.

Study Desks & Chairs

Study desks & chairs are the major requirements for students for their studies. They create the right study environment plus you can study in the right posture and with concentration through them.

In your student accommodation Melbourne, you will not need to purchase study desks and chairs. These entities are already available in most of the student accommodations in this city.


You need a wardrobe to unload your suitcase after shifting to Melbourne and to keep your clothes. This is also one such entity, which can be found in almost every accommodation for students in Melbourne. Therefore, you don’t need to purchase a wardrobe if you are going to shift to Melbourne.


Similarly, you also need bookshelves to keep your books. Since you are in Melbourne for your studies, these are your utmost priorities. But, you don’t need to purchase them since they are already available in many student accommodations in Melbourne.

Cooking Equipment

In the kitchens of accommodations in Melbourne, you also find cooking equipment such as cooktops and microwaves. Through these items, you can cook and heat meals. Therefore, you are not required to purchase cooking equipment while living in Melbourne.


The fridge is also a necessary asset you should have in your accommodation for cooling drinks, keeping the drinks & eatables fresh, freezing the ice, making the ice cream, etc. But, you already find a fridge in the kitchen of your student accommodation in Melbourne, so you don’t need to buy it also.


You may find single beds or double beds as per your accommodation. So, you don’t need to buy a bed in accommodation in Melbourne for sleeping.


A sofa is needed by students for sitting and for greeting the guests. You can also find a sofa in your accommodation; therefore, you don’t need to buy it.


Television has become a necessity nowadays for entertainment, information, and news. In many accommodations in Melbourne, there are televisions available for students. You can watch cable TV channels on these televisions. Some of the televisions are smart TVs on which you can also watch OTT platforms.

Dining Table

However, the dining table may not be a necessary asset for many students but many want to purchase it for having meals properly.

You can also find a dining table in your living room so it is also an asset that you don’t need to purchase in Melbourne.

Internet Connection

An internet connection is also necessary for students for their studies and many other online tasks in the present scenario. However, mobile networks of today have their connections but there is also a need for high-speed broadband or Wi-Fi connection to work properly.

You don’t need to purchase any internet package while living in accommodations in Melbourne. You already find high-speed internet connections here. However, you may need to pay the bill of the internet according to your usage.


A mirror is also required by every student for being ready for going to college or a place for sightseeing and for doing makeup. You find a mirror in your accommodation, so you don’t need to purchase it. You can only keep a small mirror in your purse/bag for travel.

Bathroom Items

Most of the bathroom items are also available here; therefore, you don’t need to purchase most of them.

Final Words

The above-mentioned ones are some of the assets you find in the student accommodations in Melbourne. You don’t need to purchase them; however, you should cross-check whether the accommodation booked by you has all of them or not. It is because you may find one or two of them lacking in some exceptional cases.

In addition to them, you find a lot of facilities in the complexes of student accommodations in Melbourne. Some examples include gyms, cinemas, games rooms, etc. So, you will definitely be able to live a comfortable life in Melbourne.

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