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Men in colourful Pagdis (turban)-Pyjamas and ladies in traditional Ghagra Choli fold their hands together in Namaste. Yes, you are being welcomed to this paradise known as Jaisalmer. When it comes to Rajasthan’s deserts, you may have a wide range of experiences. Here is a comprehensive guide to experiencing the finest Jaisalmer Camping has to offer.

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Jaisalmer is located in the westernmost section of Rajasthan, in the center of the vast Thar Desert. The deserts are also an entry point to the tourist sites of Jodhpur and Bikaner.

Even though most of people come during the summer for the Jaisalmer camping experience, the best time to visit is around the end of winter in January and February to observe the magnificent desert festival.

What not to overlook!

The cultural programs held around the campfires are a must-see. This concludes the full Jaisalmer camping excursion. Local men and women in traditional Rajasthani costume dance to the sounds of their famed folk music.

The colors, as well as the campfire, add to the ambiance. After that, you may round off the night with a feast of their genuine cuisine while staring up at the boundless stars above you.

Jaisalmer Desert Safari

The Prince Sam Dunes, known as the center of the Thar Desert, are the starting point for a desert safari in Jaisalmer. Camping here includes a variety of activities such as a campfire, traditional cuisine and drinks, astronomy, and much more, particularly after sunset.

Jaisalmer camel ride

Camels, often known as desert ships, provide a unique method to explore the desert terrain. It is comparable to a roller coaster in that you slip and fall on the sand for a spectacular ride. Even though the camels only go a short distance, they are nonetheless considered the main attraction for visitors.

Other attractions are included with the camel ride. It involves a visit to Kuldhara hamlet, enjoying the dawn and sunset, and seeing desert animals across the oasis. You may choose between a two-day Jaisalmer travel package that includes a night in the desert and a roughly 6-hour excursion.

How to Get to Jaisalmer

The railway station in Jaisalmer is one of the busiest in Rajasthan. If you want to go by train, you may get to Jaisalmer railway station. The administrative activity at Jaisalmer railway station is controlled and managed by the North Western Railway. 

Trains from all around the country arrive at the station. It features three platforms and five tracks in all. The distance from Jaisalmer railway station to the Sam sand dunes is 40 kilometers.

When is the best time to visit Jaisalmer for camping?

Winter is the greatest time to visit Jaisalmer for camping since the experience will be unforgettable. The best time to camp in Jaisalmer is from October to February.

Jaisalmer’s Best Desert Camps

Desert Camp in Rajputana

Rajputana desert camp is a stunning desert camp in Jaisalmer. People may go on a camel safari, a jeep safari, and watch the lovely sunset at the Sam, which is a well-known sunset spot. This Rajputana desert camp is available from 1st August to 31st March.

Camp Royale

This desert tent is regarded as the nicest and most opulent in Jaisalmer.

The distance between Sam Sand Dunes and this desert camp is around 4 kilometers. This desert camp near Jaisalmer is a very calm spot.

Camp Limra Desert

This desert camp is also a fantastic desert camp that is affordable to everyone. This desert camp is located near the Sam Sand Dunes.

Resort in the Country

This is also one of Jaisalmer’s most popular and stunning desert camps. Many activities are available here, including camel safaris, cultural Rajasthani mujras, buffet dinners, and car safaris. There is also a large swimming pool available for pool parties.

Desert Winds Camp

Winds Desert Camp is one of the most magnificent, beautiful, and stunning desert camps in Jaisalmer, located around 4 to 5 kilometers from the Sam Sand Dunes parking lot. This lovely camp is located in the wonderful desert settlement of Kanoi, which is on the Jaisalmer-Sam route.

What else is there?

Food for Sunny Desert Camp

The restaurant here provides an excellent gourmet experience. In a buffet approach, the cottage provides an assortment of Indian meals created using locally produced ingredients. The stay ensures that the guests have access to clean and fresh drinking water.

Coffee Dates and Other Things

The hotel also features a coffee shop, which is ideal for a desert-coffee date. This camp also has alcohol accessible, and visitors may request unique live acts!


You can contact reception for assistance in planning your itinerary at the camp. They even organize trekking excursions.

Other Special Arrangements and Barbeques

There is an outside space with a fireplace where customers may book a BBQ in advance.


The camp also has a spa and wellness center where you can relax and be pampered.

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