How To Deal With An Impounded Car in the UK?

Release my vehicle can offer impounded car insurance policies in the UK for drivers who have had their car impounded by the police.

Police and other authorities have the right to impound vehicles for many offenses. A warning is generally issued for the first offense, but in serious situations, vehicles can be impounded right away. If you are caught driving without a driving license police officers have the right to quickly impound your vehicle and arrange for it to be impounded.

How to deal with an impounded car in the UK?

Once your car has been impounded, you will not be able to collect it yourself as you do not have a valid driving license to show at the police pound. You will then have to arrange for a driver with a driving license, take out impounded car insurance, and release the impounded car from the police pound.

Driving without a valid driving license

If the police determine that the vehicle is being driven without valid insurance in place your car will be impounded and taken to the police pound.

If the vehicle is impounded for driving without insurance then you will receive a driving conviction on your driving license.

To release your car from the pound you will have to take out impounded vehicle insurance and show the policy certificate to the pound.

Not stopping when requested by the police

If an officer signals for you to stop your car and you do not stop or take much time to stop, your car will be. Not stopping when requested by the police is a criminal offense.

Releasing an impounded car can be expensive as you will be responsible for storage charges and have to take out special impounded vehicle insurance to release your vehicle.

Once the office has impounded your car it will be collected by a towing company. The car will be towed to the designated police pound where it will be stored securely with other impounded vehicles. 

You will have just 14 days to release your impounded car from the police pound. You should collect your documents such as your driving license, insurance policy & proof of ownership as you will need to show these to the pound staff.

If you do not collect your impounded car within 14 days, it will be scrapped or auctioned. 

Why does your car gets impounded?

Most of us depend heavily on our vehicles from day to day. Whether you use them to commute from the office or visit family or customers.

So, it can be very inconvenient when something goes out of the ordinary. The car does not begin, you get a flat tire, or break down during a journey. While good maintenance can assist prevent the risk of these things happening. You are not 100& insured against motoring accidents which is a very valid reason to ensure. That you have qualified car insurance to release your vehicle and back on the road as quickly as possible if something goes wrong.

Impounded Cars

However, there is another kind of issue that may not be covered by your standard car insurance policy. Impounding is when a car is impounded and taken or towed away. It can happen for a number of reasons. However, in any case, returning to your car to realize that it is no longer there is really stressful particularly. If you are not close to your home at the time.

Your quick thought perhaps is that it’s been stolen. But it may have just been impounded and if so. The task falls to you to track it down and retrieved it.

One thing you might have to do if you find yourself in this condition is arranged for impounded car insurance to release your vehicle from the pound. This is something the Release my vehicle is happy to assist you with. By searching our large panel of carefully selected insurance providers. We can provide you with our best-priced insurance that suits your individual situation.

We can provide cover for 30 days which is a lot of time to allow you to retrieve your car. And cover you on the road for 30 days. When the temporary impound policy is due to expire we will contact to offer you a complete annual policy.

Why does not standard car insurance be enough to cover impounded cars?

Impounded car insurance is required if your car has been impounded. And you need proof of insurance so that you can retrieve it.

The majority of insurance providers don’t cover you to get your vehicle out of the police pound. It is because of the fact that there are specialist insurance policies on the market. Which help the release of the vehicle at reasonable prices.

You can contact us to release your vehicle. As our expert insurance providers are always more than happy to assist you in critical situations.

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