The Jar of Fears

The jar of fears is an effective visual tool for assessing pupils’ fears. It can be used before or after interventions. Pupils can then learn to cope with their fears using coping strategies. They can use jar sheets in two colours or one colour for each fear. They can also use one sheet for many jars.

Worry jars are a visual way to assess pupils’ fears

Worry jars are a useful visual assessment tool and can be used as a pre-intervention tool or part of an intervention for pupils with phobias. They come in a variety of colours and are suitable for many different phobias.

Worry jars are also an effective tool to assess pupils’ fears during a safe sharing time. Pupils can write down their worries on paper and place them in the jar. This means that they don’t have to repeat the worry over in their mind. In addition, worry jars can also be used as a tool to encourage pupils to talk about their worries with peers and teachers.

Worry jars can be used in a number of ways in schools and can be customized according to the age and learning abilities of pupils. For instance, you can use coloured sheets for different types of fears, and you can create as many jars as needed for many pupils.

Worry jars are a visual method of assessing pupils’ fears and helping them learn how to overcome them. The jars are available in different sizes and can be made for different fears. By using different coloured sheets, you can differentiate between specific fears and teach your pupils how to face their fears without fearing them.

A worry jar is a great tool for teachers to use when teaching children about their fears. When they see a fear on another person, they are more likely to recognize it in themselves and their classmates. By teaching students to identify their own fears, they can then understand how they manifest in their lives. However, it is important to remember that pupils are often hesitant to express their feelings in front of other people in their classes. Therefore, teachers should always promote open communication with pupils to ensure that everyone is comfortable expressing their feelings in the classroom.

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Worry jars can also be a great tool for students with phobias. They are easy to make and can have a powerful impact on children. Kids love to decide which colors they want to use, and watching the glitter move inside the jar is very calming.

They can help pupils overcome fear of the dark without resorting to scare tactics

Jars of Fears is an interactive game which can help pupils overcome their fear of the dark without resorting to scaring tactics. The game consists of a few scenarios in which players must avoid the monsters that lurk in the dark. It can be played individually or as a group, and can help students develop teamwork and cooperation skills. In addition, it helps them overcome their fear of the dark by giving them the power to solve their own puzzles.

Many pupils don’t recognise their own fears until they are confronted with them during schoolwork or social interactions. By identifying their own fears, pupils can better understand how they manifest in their daily lives. Teachers should remember that pupils are often reluctant to show emotions in the classroom, so they need to encourage open communication.

Final words 

It is important to understand that every child has different fears. One kid might be afraid of french fries while another may be scared of vampires. Parents should not make assumptions about what their children might answer to ‘dark’ questions. It is better to take into account their own reactions to the questions and avoid scaring them with scare tactics.

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