The Knife Block Set For Kitchen

What’s the best way to accessorize your kitchen? Collect one by one, experiment with hands-on tools, or buy a quick set that provides everything you need. There are at least some situations when the second method is better: for example if the hostess wants to decorate her kitchen at the same time, and she has a clear idea of ​​​​what exactly she needs.

There is a risk that in addition to used items, items that you will never need will end up on your desk. To avoid this, consider your choices, visit the seller, and gather as much reliable information about makes and models as possible.

Almost all leading manufacturers form different groups, which try to please all types of consumers. In our catalog, you can find world-famous Japanese knives, sold individually and in sets of 2 to 11 pieces.

When buying a single knife, choose a classic “knife block set with a blade length of 21-25 cm (if you’re a man) or a multi-purpose kitchen knife with a 15 cm long blade (recommended for women). The dimensions are determined by the size of the hand that will work with said tool.

The knife should have a wide blade without grooves or marks and a comfortable handle. It’s a great choice: a device that takes care of 80% of the work in the kitchen. But what about the remaining 20%? This is why a set of knives is better than a single tool.

The obvious advantages associated with its acquisition are:

  • Each process is provided with an appropriate tool,
  • The workplace is clean and respectful,
  • You get the best holder and sharpener for these tools.

Minimum Group – Business Partner

Of course, buyers of the smaller set already have knives and won’t throw them away. They don’t expect to be able to do all the work with the new tools. The knives purchased should meet the basic needs and form the basis of creating a new kitchen set that is more modern, functional, and beautiful than the old one. Probably:

  • 2 pairs of basic knives (with hard blades about 20 cm wide) and a paring knife (about 10 cm),
  • A basic knife plus a set of scissors (used for cutting vegetables, seaweed, tendons, and bones when cutting poultry, meat, and fish)
  • A pair of butchers: a knife and fork (tools used for skinning, cutting, and cooking meat)
  • A pair of knife block sets (suitable not only for meat but also for most kitchen manipulations) as well as for vegetables,
  • A pair of kitchen knives (with a practical 20cm blade) and a sharpener for most tasks.

Two is good, three is better.

Three tools, if chosen well, can meet the basic needs. On our website you can buy the following sets of 3 items:

  • Kitchen, utility, and vegetable knives (first of all, the difference in size is noticeable, to a lesser extent – the shape of the blade).
  • A kitchen knife set (blades 13 and 20 cm) and a vegetable peeler with a blade between two supports,
  • Kitchen knives and paring knives (for regular cleaning and cutting when preparing Japanese dishes)
  • 2 kitchen knives and a special bread knife.

Set with holder

A set of more than three knives usually includes a stand or shelf for easy tool storage. The purchase of such large sets can be recommended to those who decide to upgrade their entire kitchen arsenal. It also makes a great gift (if you’re willing to turn a blind eye to the superstitious ban on giving knives): functional, “for life,” and very expensive.

Complete Knife Set – Here are the options:

  • 2 sets of kitchen knives and vegetable knives with magnetic holders. During “rest”, tools are stored in limbo. They are held in place by powerful magnets and can be easily accessed and removed when you need to put them into action.
  • Eight knives for different purposes (alternative: ten ceramic knives and diamonds) with a holder.

There are some glitches in support. Firstly, it takes up space, and secondly, it just fits into its own set, while non-original tools can be added to the magnetic stand. But the important thing is that the blades scrape when entering and exiting the cell. Minor damage accumulates over time, so appearance and function are affected.

Whatever set you buy, it will be one of your best buys. All kitchen knife block sets are made of high-quality steel: the handle is made of stainless steel and the blade is of the Chromova brand with a high content of molybdenum and vanadium. They are virtually impervious to wear and can stay sharp for months even with heavy use.

If you don’t have the guts to buy a full set right now or aren’t willing to part with that much, start small – a few tools. After you appreciate the convenience of the job, come with others and make sure that the knife block set will not let you down!

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