What Are The Role And Function Played By Insulation?

Insulation functions through acoustical absorption. It can absorb sound instead of reflecting it. Products made of Rockwool can reduce the sound that is generated between rooms, as well as sound from the outside environment Ecotherm insulation 100mm.

Depending on the use the siniat weather defence characteristics that are present in the construction materials as well as fittings and fixtures you select are a major factor in the overall soundproofing process and noise reducer knauf soundshield plus.

When it comes to noise, understanding the pathways through which noise can get into the space is vital. Doors, windows as well as walls and floors are the most important areas to be focused on and ensuring that the right information is in place is vital Ecotherm insulation 100mm.

What Is Rockwool Flexi Insulation?

Rockwool Flexi insulation slabs are the thermal insulation of mineral wool ideal for those who wish to shield their homes from unwanted sound.

When you introduce Rockwool Flexi acoustic isolation into your home, you’ll also enjoy a thermal advantage that will positively impact heating costs, as it reduces the use of energy within your home.

The slabs are made out of mineral rock, which is a product popular for its excellent properties against fire and its capacity to minimise the loss of heat. The raw materials used in the production process are renewable, which makes Rockwool slabs the best option for those who are environmentally conscious of the crowd Ecotherm insulation 100mm.

Because of this manufacturing process the slabs are extremely hard. The millions of fine fibres within each mineral wool slab contain hundreds of tiny pockets of air.

The air pockets are essentially able to disperse and reduce sound vibrations as they pass across the fibres of insulation. The density plays an important role in reducing or eliminating unwanted sounds from your environment.

Patented Flexible Edge

Rockwool Flexi is an audio, fire, and thermal insulation system that minimises the transfer of sound between spaces. Like the name implies, the slabs of Ecotherm insulation 100mm have an elongated edge on one side.

This makes them more convenient to install than stone mineral wool blocks. They create an edging between the insulation layer and framework. Cullamix Tyrolean perfect fit for friction means that you don’t need to cut your slabs or other waste materials .

We suggest Flexi products for those who are looking to use friction insulation between walls, floor, rafters, and partitions.

You can put Rockwool Flexible insulation slabs in between fresh timber to deal that result from shrinkage of fresh timber; as the wood dries then shrinks mineral wool insulation expands to match the frame.

It is also possible to install Rockwool Flexi insulation slabs into the interior and in suspended structures. If you are looking to lessen the transmission of sound between walls or floors, you will be able to get superior protection using these slabs.

Benefits Of Rockwool Flexible Insulation Slabs

Rockwool has more than 80 years of experience in the production of stone wool products, which makes them experts in their field. They have been perfecting sound-proofing insulation since the early 1900s. There are many advantages to using these stones that you can install in the home

Fire Rating

They have an A1 score in the Euroclass scale, which indicates that they are non-combustible.


They are impervious to the effects of moisture. The substances inside the slabs are not conducive to the development of rotten or bacteria.


Flexi slab insulation is manufactured of renewable materials, which means they can reduce the total ecological footprint for your house. They are made using between 16% and 40 percent recycled materials.


The raw materials and the manufacturing process make these slabs extremely strong and dense. These materials are ideal for those who wish to limit the transmission of sound.

Thermal Conductivity

The thicker Flexi slabs of 50mm or 100mm are thicker and have the thermal conductivity that is 0.038 W/mK. For the 140mm thickness slab, it comes with an energy conductivity of 0.035 W/mK. This means that aside from their properties in absorbing sound they also hold heat effectively.

Flexible Edge

They are the sole slabs within the range of Rockwool that feature an edge that is flexible which aids in friction connecting between the studwork Ecotherm insulation 100mm.

Are Rockwool Flexible Slabs Fireproof?

It is an Ecotherm 100mm and is classified in the A1 category on the Euroclass scale, meaning that they are rated the highest in terms of fire and non-combustibility and are completely inert.

If you held the blowtorch near the piece that is made from Rockwool insulation may start to glow, but it isn’t likely to burn or melt, which makes it a perfect fireproof solution.

Are Rockwool Flexible Slabs Water-Proof?

Flexible slabs are waterproof and therefore ideal for those who live in areas of high rainfall. If a significant amount of water gets in contact with them the surface will repel it, while the water would run off.

If the slabs get they are able to be drie, and retain the same acoustic and thermal characteristics. Although they can withstand water however, they aren’t resistant to water vapours that are present in the air.

Are The Rockwool Flexible Slabs Resistant To Mould?

The Flexi slab insulation doesn’t encourage the development of mould. There aren’t any organic materials in the slabs. This means there is no food source for mould to thrive on.

Mould could affect the strength of your insulation. It could also impede the long-term benefits of the insulation of your home. Rockwool Flexible insulation is evaluated to ASTM C1338.

It is one of the tests that regulators employ to determine the likelihood that an insulation material is likely to develop mould. The Rockwool Flexi slabs are prove to be free of fungal growth.

Where Can I Use The Rockwool Flexi Slabs?

These slabs are utilise throughout the house for pitch roof rafters, frame internal walls, external walls between floors, intermediate floors, to separate floors and walls, and floor slabs suspended from timber.

The Slabs Are Suitable For The Following Purposes

  •         Steel or timber partitions for interior walls
  •         Timber frame flooring in the interior
  •         Interior timber frame ceilings
  •         Ceilings with acoustic and partitioning panels as well as ceilings
  •         Interior partitions made of I-joists
  •         Walls of the party

How Do You Cut Rockwool Slabs?

As with the other slabs in the Rockwool collection, Rockwool Flexi slabs are extremely simple too. We suggest marking the exact measurements on the slab prior to cutting to ensure everything is well prepare – planning is essential.

Always wear protective goggles or gloves while cutting materials. We recommend cutting the slabs in a wide clean space that is well-ventilate and has good ventilation. If you have security concerns, consult an expert.

Thicknesses And Availability

The Rockwool Range comprises the following thicknesses of the product: 50mm, 60mm, 70mm and 90mm, 100mm as well as 180mm (some thicknesses are only available in pallets since they need to be order from the manufacturer before they can be ship to the location).

This thickness is according to specifications and come with minimum order requirements of 120mm (minimum order: 16 pallets).

Why Should You Choose Rockwool Limited Products?

Rockwool Limited, a market top manufacturer of A1 non-combustible Rock Fibre core insulation products. Selecting Rockwool products provides peace of mind to the person who is deciding which products are the best of the best (A1) the fire ratings.

Products made of Rockwool do not just provide excellent fire resistance and thermal properties, but the fibrous material also has excellent acoustic properties.

Rockwool insulation Rwa45 as well as Flexible Rockwool Slab is suitable for internal use, including partitions ceilings, floors and partitions. The highly dense fibrous slabs add mass to the structure as well as absorbing the transmission of sound.


Rockwool Soffit Slab to use for insulation of concrete soffits and Rainscreen Duo Slab for external walls combination together with SFS frames, sheathing board and frames, rockwool Cavity Insulation for brick and block cavity walls, and many more.

This lets the user quickly identify and select the program that will then identify the appropriate Rockwool product.

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